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Too many individuals and businesses pursue residential and commercial property transactions without thoroughly investigating the history of the building or land. When you invest your money and time into this kind of property, you need to be confident that you are getting what you pay for. We are able to access important real estate records, advise you on the integrity of your purchase and see you through until your successful real estate closing.

Contact the North Carolina law offices of Royster & Royster, Attorneys at Law. We are Surry County real estate lawyers backed by more than 35 years of experience in commercial and residential closings, property liens, title investigations and easements.

Thorough Investigation | Stokes County Real Property Lawyers

You may know real estate well, but having the knowledge of title searches and investigation is entirely different. Foregoing a thorough title search could leave you with:

  • Unpaid property taxes that the previous owner did not disclose
  • Easement issues like roads, sewers and water structures that gives other individuals and firms rights to a portion of the property
  • Bank liens that, if left unpaid, could give the bank rights to seize your property
  • The consequences of any judgments against the property's previous owner
  • Unexpected considerations such as land improvements like added property, storage or recreational structures

Protect yourself ahead of time by contacting our law firm. We can help you confidently close on your property purchase.

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